The last in pillow protectors

We increased our line of hospitality and sanitary clothes with our new Pillow Protector made in PU Knitted fabric. We renew our catalog and we do it combining the best fabrics selection with the finest finishes.

The composition of PU knit fabric offers new and different characteristics that benefit a healthy rest, prolong the life of the garment and facilitate its use and maintenance.


On the one hand, the 100% combed cotton plain knit layer gives to the garment the benefits of this raw material. Cotton provides softness and comfort. It is hypoallergenic, so it avoids skin irritation and the appearance of allergies. In addition, it allows air circulation, making it a highly breathable fabric.

On the other hand, the polyurethane layer gets the maximum transpiration of the pillow, as well as a total impermeability. Also, its texture provides lightness and flexibility to the garment.

The combination of both materials confers great qualities to the product. Among other features, it guarantees that the garment is anti-stain, anti-mite, that does not produce noise and that it is washable at 60 ⁰ C.


By using this fabric for our pillow and mattress protectors we are looking to offer a product that guarantees the hygiene and comfort necessary for a good rest and that, at the same time, is durable and resistant to industrial washing. Therefore, we also make our pillow protectors with zipper, which ensures that the garment is tight and doesn’t present wrinkles because of the movement.

All these characteristics make it a necessary product and suitable for all types of pillows that can’t be missing in any establishment.


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